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Baseline Situation Analysis in three Southern provinces 2002 (BSA 2002)



The study was undertaken with the purpose of providing baseline information on current heath services for mothers at service delivery points as well as knowledge and use of services by community members in three southern provinces Saravane, Sekong and Attapeu. It covered three provincial hospitals, 14 district hospitals, 64 health centers and 154 sample villages. Within the villages, 1,540 couples were interviewed.  The study examined the adequacy of supplies and equipment, staff capacity and facilities. The study also measured knowledge and capacity of village health volunteers  and traditional birth attendants  on the delivery of reproductive health  services, and the knowledge and utilization of those services by clients.



    1. National context
    2. UNFPA-support Country Programmes
    3. Purpose of the Baseline Situation Analysis
    4. Methodology of the Baseline Situational Analysis


    1. Functioning of Services Delivery Points
    2. Availability of Supplies and Equipment
    3. Staffing and Staff Competency
    4. Reproductive Health Knowledge, Accessibility and Use among Community Members

Summary of Finding and Recommendations  

    1. Summary of findings
    2. Recommendations