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Population Census 2005

Population Census 2005


Lao Info 4.1

Lao Info 4.1


National Human Development Report  2006

NHDR 2006




Results from the Population Census 2005


Result of Population Census 2005



The 2005 Population Census is the third census undertaken by the Lao PDR Government. It was carried out in March 2005, ten years after the second census 1995.

This report presents the major findings from the census data and attempts to highlight the main characteristics of the population in Lao PDR at the time of the Census. Efforts have been made to present the results in an easily understandable text and layout. This report is available, as the earlier ones, in Lao and English in separate reports.


  1. Population Size and structure
  2. Population Distribution and Migration
  3. Household Characteristics
  4. Education and Literacy
  5. Activity and Labor Force
  6. Fertility
  7. Mortality
  8. Housing Characteristics
  9. Population Projections




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